Energy Saving Electric Floor Heating Systems from ThermoSoft International Corporation Reduce Heating Costs Up to 40% During Winter

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Buffalo Grove, IL (MarketWire) November 25, 2008
– With winter quickly approaching, and the cold weather already in full swing all around the US and Canada, many people are already feeling the chilly effect on their heating bills. But heating your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg says ThermoSoft International Corporation, a market leading manufacturer of do it yourself radiant floor heating systems.

“Our floating floor electric underfloor heating systems are more efficient because warmth is concentrated near the floor, not the ceiling, heating only the rooms where you need the warmth when you want it,” said Dr. Eric Kochman, President of ThermoSoft International Corporation. “This can save consumers up to 40% in energy costs, something everyone can appreciate during this economy.”

Unlike forced hot air systems, which blow hot air from the ceiling, radiant floor heating systems heat the home in the most efficient way possible, from the floor up. The floor is consistently comfortable, without hot spots or cold drafts, and when your feet are warm, your whole body is warm. Dust, pollen and other allergens can also be disturbed with a forced hot air system, so electric floor heating systems are preferable for those with allergies.

ThermoFloor radiant floor heating systems should last a lifetime, and ThermoSoft floating floor warming systems are warranted for 10 years, making them a great, money saving investment for any home.

ThermoSoft manufactures ThermoFloor radiant floor heating system for laminate and floating wood floors, and ThermoTile radiant floor heating system for tile floors. Both systems are installation friendly and ship same day or next business day.

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