Watts Radiant SunTouch Press Release Floor Heating Mats EMF Test results

Thursday, June 9, 2011

For Immediate Release
Watts Radiant, manufacturer of SunTouch electric radiant floor heating, announced the 1st independent
third party test results for electromagnetic field levels of electric radiant floor heating systems.
Known as EMF or Electro Magnetic Field, this form of radiation is produced by every alternating current
electrical appliance including electric radiant floor heating elements. “Because every manufacturer of these
products recommend they be installed in close proximity to human beings for extended periods of time,
the measurement and disclosure of human exposure is overdue”, according to Mike Chiles, General
Manager of Watts Radiant. The new test is known as “REET” or Radiant Electric Emissions Test and it was
developed by Watts Radiant and the ETL Semko division of Intertek, the global leader in the testing,
inspection, and certification of products for manufacturers and retailers around the world.
The test protocol by ETL Semko specifies exact descriptions and model numbers for test equipment, test
configuration and test procedures for twenty points of measurement across a grid that typically covers a
four square foot area of warm surface. Those point measurements are averaged together to yield a
radiation value for each system for both electric and magnetic field radiation. Health care concerns have
focused on the magnetic, or H-field, measured in milligauss or mG.
The first series of test results for Watts Radiant products and those from other manufacturers showed a
startling variation in H-field exposure. In one notable head-to-head comparison of electric mats of similar
size and amp rating, a well known competitor’s product emitted 462 times the H-field radiation as the
Watts Radiant SunTouch Floor Heat Mat.
“We’ve known for some time that our patented helical twisted heating elements reduce EMF to almost
immeasurable levels, but this is the first independent confirmation of this”, according to Mr. Chiles. “Until
today, there has been no objective standard for measuring H-field exposure, but now consumers will be
able to make informed choices”. Consumers should demand such verification of Zero EMF claims.
According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences: “Most people in the United States
are exposed to magnetic fields that average less than 2 milligauss (mG), although individual exposures
Selecting REET results from five electric radiant floor products that cover 35-40 square feet of heated
area, the Watts Radiant mat emits an mG value that is 20 times lower than the average US exposure.
Watts Radiant SunTouch:

5% of the U.S. average exposure
Product A: 1050% of the U.S. average exposure
Product B: 1125% of the U.S. average exposure
Product C: 1775% of the U.S. average exposure
Product D: 2300% of the U.S. average exposure

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