Nexgen Acugel Saddle Pad Review

Monday, June 20, 2011 / limelight

Horsemen and women invest millions of dollars around the world every year to ensure safety for themselves and their horses. State of the art products, expensive saddles and other innovative tack are commonly found in stables everywhere. Safety is the most important issue when riding so we want to have peace of mind that we are using the right protection, whether it is for ourselves or for our horse.

The Nexgen Acugel saddle pad uses Latex inserts to prevent any damage to the horse’s back. It has a thick layer to cushion the saddle and rider’s weight. The surface touching the horse has bumps to create air flow and ‘provides great orthopaedic spine support by dynamically confirming to every contour of Horse back and offering a perfect balance of comfort and support to the horse spine’ according to the manufacturer’s website. This product seems to be the perfect invention for your horse and you but my experience with this product has changed my mind dramatically.

While doing Endurance training with my mare, I used the Nexgen Acugel saddle pad along with a Wintec Isabelle Worth dressage saddle with ‘Cair Panels’. We were doing strenuous work which could have caused catastrophic damage to my horse if she wasn’t protected correctly. After reading about all the benefits of this new product, I borrowed it from a friend, thinking that this was the ultimate protection for my horse. She seemed to go well and looked very comfortable with the saddle and pad so I was very happy to know my horse was safe.

After I finished training the next week, my mare seemed sore in the back. We put out to spell and kept an eye on her. In the next few days, small white dots appeared on her withers and happened to be in the pattern of the Nexgen Acugel saddle pad.

We have racked our minds over this and can’t find any other cause other than the Saddle Pad. Her back is fine now but it has taken quite a while to get her back in action. The white marks are permanent and aren’t nice for her appearance. While consulting a person who has also tried this product, she replied “ Yes, they tend to do that”. Apparently, I’m not the first to have this happen.

I’m not saying, “Don’t try it! It will ruin your horse.” I’m really just notifying you of my experiences with the Nexgen Acugel saddle pad asking you to be careful if you so decide to try it. Good luck with it!

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