Equinity Performance Saddle Pad Technology Meets High Performance Standards

Monday, May 30, 2011


Baltimore, MD (March 3, 2010) — Innovative materials used in Equinity Performance Pads, from Equinity Performance, LLC, provide outstanding comfort and protection for horses and riders. This state-of-the art material meets the high standards for shock absorbency and resilience for industries outside of horses – providing benefits in medical facilities, NASCAR and other high impact sports.

Equinity Performance Pads are created with a visco-elastic polymer material that excels in shock absorption. Unlike traditional foams or polymer padding that will collapse under impact, the Equinity Performance Pad will not fully compress or bottom-out. After the initial impact, the material instantly recovers and readies itself for the next impact. As the visco-elastic polymer material never fully compresses, it causes the impact to dissipate throughout the entire pad. The force is spread across a larger surface area, which allows only a minimal amount to directly hit under the impact zone.

“Medical institutes across the country trust the visco-elastic polymer material to protect pressure points during surgery and prevent bed sores for bed-ridden patients,” said Royce Evans, owner of Equinity Performance, LLC. “We have applied this same quality technology to the Equinity Performance Pads to give riders a similar peace of mind that their horses are receiving the best protection.”

Equinity Performance pads are resilient, withstanding multiple use without ever changing form. The properties that make up the visco-elastic polymer padding have an unsurpassed durability and strength compared to other foams that may tend to tear down rapidly and lose effectiveness. Unlike other gel products, the Equinity Performance Pad will not leak or bottom out and can be customized to size without compromising its performance qualities.

Keeping saddle pads clean can present challenges in any barn. The Equinity Performance Pads are easy to clean and features an anti-fungal agent that helps prevent bacterial growth. Equinity Performance Pads can be cleaned with any standard equipment cleaner that does not contain alcohol. If alcohol is present, it should be diluted with water. Wet, cold sterilization works best. Any residue from cleaning products should be rinsed with cold water.

Equinity Performance Pads do not contain silicone, latex or plasticizer. The pads can also be heated to 120 degrees or cooled to 20 degrees Fahrenheit for additional therapeutic benefit.

“Riders and trainers trust that the material we use on our products makes the Equinity Performance Pads versatile, lightweight and reliable,” said Evans. “After completing our first AETA International Tradeshow in February, we are excited about new opportunities to expand the use of the visco-elastic polymer material to further enhance the performance benefits for horse and rider.”

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