Ecogold Selling Saddle Pads to Benefit Event Rider Boyd Martin After Barn Fire at True Prospect Farm

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

West Grove, PA – May 31, 2011 – News has already spread rapidly in the horse community about
a catastrophic fire that killed six horses in three-day event rider Boyd Martin’s training program at
Phillip Dutton’s True Prospect Farm at 12:30am this morning.
In response to the tragedy Martin’s sponsor ECOGOLD donated six saddle pads, one for each
horse lost in the fire, with 100% of the proceeds going to Martin. All six of the saddle pads were
sold within a short time of the sale being posted on the ECOGOLD Facebook page, and in light of
the outstanding show of support, ECOGOLD is offering an unlimited number of saddle pads for
sale until Friday, June 3rd, with 50% of the profits going to Martin.
“In these situations, you feel powerless to help and at lunchtime, we decided that the best way for
us to honour Boyd and the horses lost would be to donate one saddle pad in each horse’s
memory,” said Patricia Da Silva of ECOGOLD. “We are truly devastated by the news. A tragedy of
this magnitude would be horrific no matter who was involved, but in this case, it hits very close to
home as Boyd is one of our sponsored riders and we know his team well.”
Thanks to the efforts of Martin’s assistant riders Caitlin Silliman and Lillian Heard, as well as Ryan
Wood, who works for Phillip Dutton, five horses were led to safety: Neville Bardos, Otis Barbotiere,
Catch a Star and Ambassador’s Rose are currently being treated at the George D. Widener
Hospital for Large Animals at the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center for treatment in
Kennett Square, PA for injuries sustained in the fire. Silliman and Wood lived in the barn and
Heard was visiting for the night.
The following horses could not be evacuated and perished in the fire: Call Me Ollie, owned by Faye
Woolfe and ridden by Martin; Charla, owned by Ron and Densey Juvonen’s Henley House Farms
and ridden by Martin; Ariel, owned and ridden by Lillian Heard; Phantom Pursuit owned by
Kimberly Golden and ridden by Abbie Golden; Cagney Herself, owned by Bonnie Stedt and ridden
by Martin; and Summer Breeze W, owned by Anne Hennessey and ridden by Martin.
The outpouring of support from the equine community has been overwhelming.

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