5 Star Saddle Pads …100% Wool Felt Contoured Saddle Pads. Why Settle for Anything Less?

Monday, May 30, 2011


5 Star Saddle Pads …100% Wool Felt Contoured Saddle Pads. Why Settle for Anything Less?

5 Star Saddle Pads are the original Western contour saddle pads with “a true French curve back line and withers slope.” During the development process, 5 Star saddle pads paid special attention to wither height, back line variance and hip placement. As a result, a contour was specifically designed to fit the back contour of most horse breeds in today’s riding world.

Why 5 Star Saddle Pads use wool felt.
5 Star Saddle Pads use 100% pressed wool felt, 90% virgin wool, combined with 10% recombed wool. This mixture allows for the greatest combination of wool and economic benefit. 5 Star uses 40% more virgin wool than any other wool felt pad. The unique structure of wool fiber allows it to be pressed together with heat and steam to form a dense mat of flexible, resilient and elastic fiber called felt. 5 Star saddle pads use felt because this all-natural material has kinetic properties which enable it to absorb moisture and wick it to drier areas. Wool felt offers four times greater wicking ability than synthetic pads and wicking assists in heat removal. Additionally, research has shown that wool felt saddle pads, like those made by 5 Star, provide the best compression protection. In fact, wool felt offers three times the compression protection than synthetic neoprene pads. 5 Star Wool Felt pads will give you 2000+ hours of maximum riding protection. However, please remember that no saddle pad can ever completely compensate for improper saddle fit.

No overcinching!
Because no additional saddle pad or blanket is necessary, Five Star Saddle Pads can improve saddle fit. Double padding often creates movement and slippage, which is usually compensated for by overcinching. The contoured fit of the 5 Star saddle pad means limited need for cinching with minimal saddle movement. Standard square cut pads do not follow a horse’s back contour, resulting unnecessary pressure and improper saddle fit and causing your horse pain and injury.

No breaking in!
5 Star Saddle Pads are specifically contoured for a horse’s or mule’s back. A cut out (2½” x 5”) at the wither provides gullet cooling. 5 Star saddle pads are constructed with a leather spine and wear leathers. These saddle pads are 7/8” thick and are a great all-around pad, recommended for trail riding, team penning, cutting, reining and barrel racing.

Many Styles and Colors.
We offer several styles of 5 Star Saddle Pads, each in four colors: natural (grey), black, green and red.

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