Important Round Bale Feeder Information

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

by Marisa Watson |

Several farm animals can use a round bale feeder. Zoos can also use these if their animals will be eating hay. The right feeder for your situation is important. It will keep the animals from urinating on it but they will still be able to eat. These are not right for every farm though.

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Whether you have a lot of horses, cows or something else, you may be looking to purchase something that you can feed them in. Some people will feed square bales while others will feed the round ones. There are different sizes, styles and colors of these feeders also.

There are also covered ones available. These are nice if the hay is not going to be eaten up right away. If it gets wet, it can mold. This keeps the hay from going bad. Most times when a round bale is being used, there is more than one animal eating off of it.

You can also make a feeder. They can be made out of wood. The ones that are easy to find and bought are the galvanized steel ones. These are painted in several colors also. The paint will not harm the animal either. Many stores that sell farm supplies will sell this type. There are ones that may cost more than others. Some of them can be broke apart into two pieces for easy transporting also.

One advantage to having one of these is that it keeps the smaller animals from getting trampled. One animal can be on one side while the other one can be on the other side. It can avoid the fighting over the food.

They are easily moved if you need to also. They can be rolled if need be. This is very convenient if you are changing pastures or moving places that you are feeding. Round bales are easily placed in them too.

A lot of people move them with tractors. The easiest way is to drop the bale over the top of it. It does not have a way that it has to be set specifically either. If the animal can eat it, it is in there good enough.

There are many advantages to using a round bale feeder. Compared to the price of the hay that is being wasted without using one of these, the price of the feeder is small. These are not only easier to use but they can save you money also.


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