Radiant Heating -Your Effective Home Warming Solution

Monday, July 4, 2011


When it comes to effective solutions in managing the warmth inside the home, nothing will come close to the convenience and cost-efficiency delivered by radiant heating. This is actually called radiant floor heating in many markets and this works by installing electric heating coils or the water-heated tubing (Hydronic systems) under the floors of your home for a very even and comfortable heat.

For example, the complex tubing or mesh of tubes can be installed just below the tiles of the bathroom or can be installed just below the hardwood floor of the bedroom.

This is like the heating and warmth that can be delivered by the sun. The only difference is that this system can be controlled, and this can be done through the use of controls like the thermostats. Once this heating gets into the action, the temperature produced inside the room will remain constant compared to the heating delivered by the traditional heating options where there is fluctuations in the temperature.

Aside from the fact that household members can bask and feel the consistency in the warmth of the air, homeowners can also refer to the efficiency of this heating option. Considered as more economical than the usual heating furnaces, homeowners can reduce heating costs by as much as 50 percent. The installation of this heating system is best for newly constructed homes. But older homes can be fitted as well, and the cost is dependent on a number of factors including labor costs and materials. The most common option is to install the system in one room of the house than to fully fit the house with the system.

What are The Three Major Sources of Radiant Heating?

Though there are a number of radiant heating products, there are three major types of heat available including radiant air floors, electric radiant floors and Hydronic radiant floors. Though all of these options deliver even warm air inside your household, the manner of delivery and production of warm air differs. Each of these major types of heating options can still be categorized into different types by installation.

Air-heated radiant flooring- Amongst the three options available, this is considered as the least efficient. The problem with this is the medium- air cannot hold large amount of heat. Though this can be partnered with solar air heating system, still this can put your household at a disadvantage since the heating can only be enjoyed during the day.

Electric radiant flooring- Instead of pipes, there are electric cables that are installed on the floor. There are other available options when it comes to its installation. Some contractors would use mats with electrically-conductive plastics and these are placed just below a floor covering like tile. Through this, household members and objects in the living room are warmed. But due to the rising costs of electricity, using this kind of radiant heating is not highly recommended.

Hydronic heating option- This is by far the better option if you want to get the best out of radiant heating. Considered by many as the most cost-effective solution to heating, the system will pump the heated water from the boiler and into the installed tubing. The maze of tubing is laid in a pattern underneath the floor in the living room (or in the bedroom if you decide to install one in the area). In order to control the amount of ‘heat’ that can be produced, there are controls in place like the thermostats or zoning valves. But before you jump into this system consider the size of home, labor costs and other factors.

What Can You Get From Radiant Heat?

This form of heating is getting attention thanks to a number of advantages including;

  • Once installed this can promote a highly efficient building or home that can help in the certification of the property as environmentally-compliant;
  • The warm heating can help maintain a comfortable floor temperature;
  • Since the air is not circulated, there will be reduction in the loss of heat in the air and;
  • This also removes that drafty feel.

This form of heating is healthier as well. Since the warm air is properly managed, there will be less dry skin and dry throats on the members of the household. Because the air is not wildly circulated, the allergens and other forms of dust are properly handled. And because the flooring of the living room is properly warmed using the right temperature, doing family activities and bonding is more worthwhile.

Disadvantages of Radiant Heating

There are a few disadvantages to the system and it’s still best to know these. If your household will need the services of the central air conditioning system, then the heating and cooling system equipment costs should be higher. The reason for this is that there are two delivery systems in place. Another drawback is that qualified contractors are hard to find. If you find one, don’t hesitate to ask questions and to clarify some things.

Is Radiant Heat System a Good Investment?

With the cost of electricity shooting up, there’s no other option but to look for economical solutions when it comes to home heating. Your family cannot afford to forego heating during winter, so the next best move is to get the next best solution. And you can count on radiant heating on that need. You can use the information found on radiantheatreviewer helpful in making the right choice. You’ll get information on what’s best and what’s not for your type of home.


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