Raising Pigs For Profit

Monday, November 14, 2011


Raising pigs on your farm requires time and a large investment. There are several things needed when you begin to raise pigs. It is profitable if you do it the right way. I would suggest to anyone that wants to get started raising pigs start on a small scale basis. Also make sure you have all the needed accessories before you start.

Here is what you will need to get started:

1. A good fence around the location you plan to keep the hogs. The fence doesn’t have to be as tall for a pig as some animals, but it needs to be sturdy, especially at the bottom.

2. Don’t overcrowd your pigs. In confinement it doesn’t take as much space, but outside you need at least 100 sq. ft. per pig.

3. An adequate watering system. Pigs need fresh water available to them all of the time, and lots of it.

4. I also recommend a large hog feeder. It saves a lot of waste and time with the feeding.

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5. Also you will need good shelter for the hogs during storms and in the heat.

6. If you plan on keeping sows to raise your own piglets you will also need some type of farrowing house. This will protect your litters from the weather.

Now that you have all of these things you are ready to get your pigs. You need to decide what kind of operation you are going to run. I like to buy feeder pigs that are around 45lbs and then top them out to market weight. I find this way more profitable for myself. You can also raise the pigs yourself to top out or sell as feeders. It takes longer to turn over a profit and plus you have to keep sows and a boar on hand at all times.

The first and foremost thing in raising pigs is proper feed and nutrition. Corn is the number one feed for hogs, but you will need some type of supplement to feed along with it. Your local veterinarian or feed store can assist you with this. Also run a clean operation to keep your hogs disease free. Disease could wipe out your entire operation if not taken care of.

These are the basics of raising pigs for profit. Whether you decide to go large scale or just raise enough to put meat on your families table. It takes a lot of hard work but in the end you will be pleased with what you produce. Have fun and remember it takes no more time to raise ten hogs than it does one. Just start out with what is comfortable for you and your budget.


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