How to Adjust Hog Feeders

Thursday, December 1, 2011

by Tammy Bronson |

There are two kinds of hog feeders, the gravity kind and the ration kind. Ration feeders require adjustments allowing only a certain amount of food dispensing at one time; gravity feeders fill a trough to a leveling point and then stops dispensing. Both types of feeders regulate the amount of food a hog has available. The goal of adjusting feed is to minimize the waste of feed from spillage and over-feeding. There are categories of hog feeder: nursery, grower and finishing hog feeders. The weight of a hog feeder is substantial making it difficult for the hog to knock the feeder over.

Big wheel hog feeder, available at

Things You’ll Need

  • Ruler


  1. Read the marked settings on the ration feeder. Choose a feed gate that leaves the hog satisfied, but not overly full.
  2. Shift the adjustment lever up to reduce the amount of food dispensed and down to increase the amount.
  3. Measure the amount of food the feeder dispenses. On average the feed gate should dispense 11/48 inches of food.
  4. Check the bolt on the adjustment lever periodically. If the stud welded on to the adjustment lever is broken then the hog feeder is dispensing too much food. It is not uncommon for hogs to play and break the exposed parts of a hog feeder.

Tips & warnings

  • Letting a hog run wild will burn off calories and require greater amounts of food consumption. House slaughtering hogs in a small area preventing running so that bulking up requires less feed.


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