Best Way to Feed Your Pig

Monday, March 26, 2012

by Karen Alicea |

When you receive your feeder pig it should be between 40-75 lbs in weight and around 8 to 10 weeks of age. At this point your pig has been on some sort of solid food for some time. You should also get more than one pig, having only one pig at a time will take longer for your pig to gain weight. Pigs just have the natural instinct to fight for their food if there is only one they have no need to fight for their food therefore they will not try to get the most they can at all times.

In order to get your feeder pig to continue on the path to maximum growth the best thing that I have found for them is first that giving them a ground corn tends to be better for younger pigs than say a whole or cracked corn because it is easier for them to digest, and they get more from the corn rather than it just being expelled immediately. Though this is a bit time consuming it is much better for them and you will see a difference in the overall weight gain. Next I add a soybean meal which is high in protein and will also contribute to the weight gain, protein is one of the main components in getting your pigs to excel in their growth.

Then there is the pig grain, you can use this either with or without medications in it, for the first couple of months I tend to prefer it with it because as you will well know that pigs are very susceptible to stress and having these medications in their food help to keep there immune system up and anything that may help is a plus. I take some of each of these rationed according to the number of pigs that I have making sure that at first at the 8 week level each pig gets about 1 lb of food a day. Feeding my pigs twice a day. I take this mix of the ground corn, soybean meal, and grain mix it together and then I wet it making it into a mush like mix, doing this makes for the pigs digestive system to take longer to digest it and once again adding to overall weight. At about every 2 week increase their food by 1 lb each pig and if you have any local fruit and vegetable markets you can stop and ask for any old food they will let you have it which in some cases will keep feed costs down but it will take longer to put on weight if you cut back on the other feed. You also can get day old breads or even donuts from local bakeries they will sometimes let you have them too but be careful that type of foods will give your pigs diarrhea and can contribute to much fat other wise you will have a very lean pig in about 4 months.


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