The Live Stock Scales Measure Animal Weight

Monday, October 24, 2011

by Oded Sparrow |

The livestock scales are the instruments used to measure the weight of the domestic animals.

The size of the weighing machines depends on the size of the animal. If the animal is small then the machine can be small. But for the animals such as cows and the crocodiles there are huge scales used.

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The animal on the instrument will be always in motion as they feel themselves in an unusual condition, so the scale is designed in such a way that as soon the animal is placed on the scale, it will take the average reading. The scale is made robust enough to tolerate the urination of the animals. They are used in tough farm conditions.

The animal’s health is decided with the weight of the animal, so the veterinary doctor will surely have a livestock scale to measure the weight of the animals. In the zoo the weight is always recorded to keep the health record off the animals. If an animal is taken the veterinary doctor, he will surely measure the weight of the animal to prescribe medicines.¬†When the animals start becoming healthy they will regain weight which will help the veterinary doctor to decide the result of his treatment.

The farmers who sell some animals for meat have to surely weigh the animals to decide the price of the animals. There are many other necessities of the farmers where in they need to sell or buy the live stock. These livestock scales are very handy for them to decide the prices. The weight of the animal is on the display for a limited time, to be noted down. Te purchaser and the seller will not incur any losses by using these scales.

These scales are used mostly for commercial purposes or for weighing the animal to know its health. These machines are both operated on electricity and also on batteries. But bigger scales are mostly operated on electricity. The display is quite big an also clear for proper reading. People feel the digital reading is more perfect as no one likes to pay more and get dissatisfied after the deal.


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