Livestock Weigh Scales

Monday, November 7, 2011

by Mel Thompson |

There are a number of essential characteristics to look for in a livestock scale. Different scales are necessary for different types of livestock. For your smaller livestock, usually under 200 pounds, you may want to use a hanging scale. These are generally cheaper than other livestock scales. They are also portable and lightweight. You can use a sling, which is placed around the animal’s belly, to holster the livestock during weighing.

Platform scales are generally used for larger livestock. Make sure that the platform scale of your choice is durable. For exceptional durability, consider using a scale with welded construction throughout. It is also useful if the scale uses aluminum for the body and stainless steel for the load cells. This offers great protection against rust.

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As you may know, it is not the easiest task to load livestock on to the scale. It is helpful to use a scale that is animal friendly. Your platform scale should always have a low profile. This makes it easier for the livestock to step on and off of the scale. Many of these scales have cages or crates that are used to ensure that the animal stays on the scale during weighing. A rubber mat on the scale is great for offering additional comfort. Rubber mats are also good for scale upkeep. These mats can be easily hosed down after use.

The platform size and capacity of your livestock scale are also important. Be sure that your scale size is compatible with the size of the livestock you intend to weigh. If you are weighing cattle or other large livestock, you may want to use a scale that can support 2500 pounds or more. This scale should also have a hold function and weight average that automatically averages the weight of moving animals.

Animals tend to be messy. It is better to utilize a scale that is water resistant. All electronics on the scale, including the display and load sensors should be protected from moisture.

Accuracy is the most important feature of a livestock weighing scale. Use a platform scale that has leading electronics. Some scales offer electronics that are coupled with specialized alloy stainless steel load cells. This results in platform scales with high levels of accuracy and repeatability. Those scales with a sensitivity of 1/10 of 1 lb even allows for accurate weighing of small animals.


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