World Pork Expo New Product Tour

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Readers of National Hog Farmer are again looking forward to the “2011 New Product Tour” Issues. Now is your chance to put focus on products/services introduced to the industry in the past year.

Over 20,000 engaged pork producers will learn more about the features and benefits that make your new product valuable.

2010 World Pork Expo New Product Showcase
Shines Spotlight on Most Promising New Products
Pork industry innovators have been busy coming up with a variety of new products to help producers save money and improve efficiency this year. National Hog Farmer is pleased to offer our readers and World Pork Expo attendees an opportunity to learn more about new products and services recently introduced to the pork industry.

A panel of pork industry experts will be taking a close look at the new products on behalf of our pork producer readers. And you can join the review process too. Come visit the National Hog Farmerbooth #623 in the Varied Industries Building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines during World Pork Expo and cast your vote for the most promising new product. When you cast your vote, you are automatically entered in a daily prize drawing.

New Product Tour Nominees

In the meantime, go ahead and get a head start on the new product tour by taking a look at the new product nominations featured below. National Hog Farmer’s New Product Review Panel will share their thoughts in a special feature in the July 15 issue. And the votes cast by World Pork Expo attendees will select the “producer’s choice” new product.

SmartIR Feed Sensor
AP’s SmartIR Feed System Sensor controls all functions of a feed delivery system by using six infrared beams to detect the presence of feed. The system is not affected by changes in temperature, humidity or feed type and does not require any sensitivity adjustments. An alarm can provide notification if an out-of-feed event is occurring. The large digital display and system status LEDs are designed for easy reading. SmartIR can be adapted to nearly all new or existing feed systems.

Learn more at
Call 217-226-4449 or
Visit Booth No. 179 VIB

Sepcom Manure Solids Separator
Agpro introduces the Sepcom screw press-type manure solids separator to the U.S. market. The separator features a steel-reinforced polymer screw and a quick-replace, wedge wire screen. A patented outlet orifice plate requires no weights or cylinders. The use of a polymer screw against a stainless steel screen significantly extends component life and lowers maintenance challenges. Varying pitch screw and screen openings helps contribute to the ultimate in solids removal. The Sepcom Manure Solids Separator has been in use for over three years in Europe.

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Visit Booth No. 676 VIB

New Pig Plus Combination Tag
Allflex has developed an identification tag combination to help aid in easy identification as the pig grows. The new Piglet tag male is combined with the softer, more pliable Pig+ female, which is placed on the inner side of the ear. The Pig+ female panel tag allows for deep or higher application on the small ear and allows for free rotation of the two tags. The all-plastic Piglet male tag is placed on the outside of the ear and can stand up in the environment. Both pieces can be custom laser-marked at an economical price.

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Visit Booth No. 366 VIB

Sure Drop
The Sure Drop from Improved Solutions, Inc. is a new device designed to work with existing release devices on the market to open sidewall curtains to help protect pigs during overheating and power-failure events. A unique design allows the lock handle to drop, eliminating the need for a hand winch to unwind. The Sure-Drop includes a mounting panel with two fixed pulleys, the cable release device, and the moveable pulley pre-mounted on the panel. The panel is configured to work as either a left- or right-hand device.

Call 618-895-1318 or
Visit Booth No. 607 VIB

First Step™ Feed
First Step Creep Feed helps create “eaters” prior to weaning. Designed for baby pigs from 14-25 days of age, First Step uses a unique form, proprietary palatants and specialty ingredients in order to optimize feed intake while supporting the developing immune and digestive systems. Research shows creating eaters pre-weaning helps optimize post-weaning gain.

Learn more at
Visit Booth No. 356 – 360 VIB

Swinewater Manure Treatment System
Livestock Water Recycling has developed a pre-manufactured Manure Treatment System designed to be placed directly at the swine production site. Installation of the system eliminates the need for a manure storage lagoon. The end products of the Manure Treatment System include clean, re-usable water, dry solids and concentrated, nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Learn more at
Call 403-203-4972 or
Visit Booth No. CB 2902 at World Pork Expo Outdoor

Mi-T-M CWC-3005 Pressure Washer
The Mi-T-M CWC cold water pressure washer offers an abundance of pressure in a compact, user-friendly unit. A new, narrow roll-cage frame design will fit through any 30-in. door and provides a center eye lifting hook. This belt-drive unit features a heavy duty, low rpm, 5-gpm pump and industrial TEFC 10-hp. motor, producing 3000 psi of cleaning power. The unit rolls easily on four wheels.

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Visit Booth No. 4012 OA

Swine Management Tool Series (SMTS)
The Swine Management Tool Series (SMTS) is a suite of software comprised of ten, fully integrated modules. The software offers farm-to-fork information traceability, wireless remote data capture solutions and superior web-designed reporting. From wean to harvest, every segment of information related to the swine live-production cycle, including technical field service data and group accounting data, can be tracked and analyzed. Planning modules allow users to forecast future market fluctuations and plan for production changes.

Learn more at
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Visit Booth No. 553 VIB

Newport Laboratories offers ParaSail®, the swine industry’s first avirulent live, single-dose vaccine for Haemophilus parasuis. Available exclusively through veterinarians, ParaSail has been proven to protect against three of the most predominant strains of H. parasuis currently circulating including serotype 4, serotype 5, and serotype 13. The USDA has approved ParaSail for use as a single-dose product with a 1- ml. intramuscular dose size for pigs aged 21 days or older.

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Visit Booth No. 152 VIB

NORSVIN® LY – The Full Program
Norsvin USA introduces the NORSVIN® LY Full Program F1 breeding gilt. This parent female combines traits of the NORSVIN® Landrace with NORSVIN® Yorkshire resulting in the first NORSVIN® LYfemales for U.S. producers. Norsvin genetics provide superior productivity in both total pigs born and total weaned while achieving excellent weaning weights. Norsvin breeding stock balances outstanding structure and underlines with feed efficiency, growth and carcass quality, contributing to top market hog performance.

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Visit Booth No. 628 VIB

Preserve International’s new stabilized chlorine dioxide product, MaxKlor, is a great step in water treatment for pork producers. MaxKlor is EPA registered to inactivate bacteria, viruses, protozoa and algae in watering systems for animals, and is also approved for drinking water for pigs and humans. It oxidizes minerals like iron and manganese for removal through filtration. Disinfect traditional pathogens like fecal coliform and E. Coli without creating resistance, while also killing newer, more resilient pathogens.

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Visit Booth No. 506 VIB

Life Savior

SEC Repro, Inc. offers the Life Savior to help prevent piglet crushing in the farrowing crate up to six days after birth. A sensor on the Life Savior unit triggers a blower to send a stream of air between the sow’s legs when she sits, stands or moves. Piglets move out of the danger zone when hit by the air stream. The washable Life Savior can be installed in the piglet “comfort zone” with most farrowing crates.

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Visit Booth No. 633 VIB

Sector Probe Extension

The Sector Probe Extension from SEC Repro, Inc. helps improve safety while protecting the ultrasound probe during pregnancy checking by allowing sows to be scanned from outside of the gestation crate. A 15-in. hollow, molded plastic pipe allows the Agroscan probe to be inserted inside of the crate. The Sector Probe Extension allows the user the flexibility to pregnancy check sows on either the left or right side.

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Visit Booth No. 633 VIB

National Swine Nutrition Guide
The 2010 National Swine Nutrition Guide (NSNG) is a practical publication containing 35 nutrition Factsheets with nutrient recommendations and feeding guidelines. The NSNG also comes complete with a booklet containing nutrient recommendation tables from the Factsheets, and a Diet Formulation and Evaluation CD. Producers can use the CD to formulate swine diets on a least-cost basis and to evaluate the nutritional adequacy of existing diets for sows, boars, nursery pigs, growing and finishing pigs, replacement gilts and boars.

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Visit Booth No. 150 VIB

VivaSound 16/128 Echograph
UNGAVA is introducing the portable VivaSound 16/128 Echograph to the veterinary market. The compact, battery-operated hand-held unit features a 100% digital beamformer to help provide crisp images. Its aluminum and rubber casing makes it extremely durable for daily operation under farm conditions. The unit is designed for easy connection to a personal computer. The product is also ready for real-time in vivo Intramuscular Fat (IMF) readings.

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Visit Booth No. 261 VIB

Ventra PRO Controller
The new and expanded Ventra PRO Controller from VAL-CO™ incorporates a hardware redesign for better field serviceability by including plug-in relays, wire rerouting for reduced electrical interference and allowing easier wiring via plug-in terminals. A software redesign offers expanded capability for tracking propane usage and providing the ability to store multiple programs on an SD card. The Ventra PRO Controller provides one-touch access to pertinent information such as daily high/low temperatures, water usage, feeder run times, etc., all in one simple menu at the touch of a button.

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Visit Booth No. 637 VIB

PICS is an inventory control tool that helps producers save time and money by minimizing inventory shrink. Producers can receive product into the inventory, check product out to the field, add products to a simple, online ordering site and make adjustments to inventory with reason codes. The PICS has the ability to track product usage by receiving empty containers/bottles back in from the field. A handheld scanner is provided along with bar codes and necessary labels.

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Visit Booth No. 522 VIB

Low Stress Pig Handling for Truckers Online Training Course
The online training course, “Low Stress Pig Handling for Truckers” uses real-life video depicting the process of loading and unloading pot-bellied semi trailers as a teaching tool to help truckers learn about practical pig-handling skills. This training is designed to help truckers move stock more easily while maintaining the value of the animals being transported. Poor animal handling can cost pork producers millions of dollars every year through death, trim and meat-quality losses.

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Visit Booth No. 3018 CB

Key Dollar Separators
Key Dollar separators use two ½ hp. motors, are self-cleaning and use their own water, no fresh water is required. The separators hold up well and can produce water for pigs from the waste water with a little help and treatment. A standard roll press is used for composting or bedding. Five models are available to fit producer needs.

Learn more at
Call 509-386-1220 o
Visit Booth No. 4317 OA


World Pork Expo New Product Tour
Nomination Form

Cost of Entry: $750
Deadline for entries: April 8, 2011

Nominate your new product for the 2011 New Product Tour and take advantage of this special offer to increase your exposure:
• Place an ad on Pork Industry Express at half price – your cost: $150; valued at: $300
• National Hog Farmer TV – Supply a video to National Hog Farmer and we will post it on our Web site for one month, your cost: $200
Call for questions: 952-851-4605 or

1. Company Name
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5. Zip code
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14. Attach separately…a brief description of the product including why it is important to pork producers. You may include a sales brochure, copy of an ad and photos. Send 6 copies of the entry form, product description, photo and any other material to:

Debbie Weinhold
7900 International Drive, Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55425

Or, send your nomination form, product description and hi-res images electronically to:

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