Animal Shelters – protecting your livestock and equipment from the elements

Sunday, December 16, 2012

 Animal Shelters

A portable shelter is a great way to protect your livestock and ranch equipment. They’re a very economical option and in contrast to large, permanent buildings, they offer portability and ease of assembly.  We found an outgoing and friendly retailer in Barn World that offers a great selection of these huts.  We are detailing their product line as an example of how useful the animal shelters can be for as an animal shelter or equipment barn.

Calf Hut Animal Shelter


Animal Shelter

Calf Hut

Animals Shelters and Livestock Huts

Portable animal shelters allow for maximum and continuing flexibility when protecting your livestock and equipment.  The portability and endless size options offer infinite options for designing your farm and ranch layout.

Most animal huts are made from steel and the product lines carried at Barn World are available with enclosures, doors for the sake of convenience when raising livestock, bucket holders and bottle holders.

The front and back of the shelters come with many options.  The front entrance may be left wide open, may be partially closed with an immovable wall that is fixed in place to cover half of the entrance, or there is also an optional door.  It is especially helpful in shielding animals from windy conditions and allows a reprieve from the elements.

The swinging doors allow for a complete closure of the front of the hut to provide privacy for an animal in need of seclusion or if you wish for complete protection from the elements.


Animal Hut Front Door and Enclosure


Animal Hut front door and enclosure

Animal Hut Front Enclosure Only below

Animal Shelter front enclosure only



Small Animal Shelter

The small huts are typically 4-1/2’ or 7-1/2’ long in width. Unlike the larger animal shelters, they come pre-assembled and have the available front enclosure option and allow for the addition of a swinging door.  Extremely popular with pig and hog operations, they make great farrowing shelters.

These small shelters are 3’10” in height and are extremely light for their size at only 145 lbs.  This lightweight feature allows for great mobility and provides many options for the use of this small building.   Being so light, they should be anchored to the ground and this size actually comes with three anchors;  one in the back and two in the front to make them a permanent solution until you’d like to move them for another use.

Moving the shelters to another location or creating a different design is a simple process and is easy to do.   You can fit almost 15 in a full size pickup and setup is quick and stress-free.

Ostrich Shelters and Emu Animal Shelter

The slightly larger huts are ideal for large birds.  They also come pre-assembled and can be made to order in any 7’ length, 7’ being the shortest while these sections may be added to make them as long as you like.  The widths of the shelters are available in 8’, 12’ and 14’ and offer numerous uses.  Ideal for almost all your livestock, these taller huts are especially handy for large birds and llamas.

 Ostrich Animal Shelter for Emus too

Although they don’t come pre-assembled, they are simple to put together.  A quick two hours are all that’s needed to get the building together.  To increase the portability of these slightly larger shelters, they come with 4×4 skids so you may move them at your will allowing for changing designs to provide maximum protection from the elements and allow for different setups as you needs change.

Large Animal Huts and Car Ports

The largest animal shelters are in widths of 8’, 10’, 12’ and 14 feet.  They are also available in any lengths in increments of 7 feet.  These are not pre-assembled like the smaller shelters yet they still only take two to four hours to assemble depending upon the length of the building.  These sheds also come with the 4×4 skids if desired for increased portability.

The 14’ wide hut is quite roomy and will easily accommodate a full size pick up.  This wide building is extremely useful for storing equipment out of the elements, using as a workshop and of course as a livestock shelter.  The large vents shown in the picture below open wide and allow optimal ventilation during the summer months.

Carport is portable too



This is a the 14’ shelter, shown below with the back vents open

Animal Hut Rear Vents

Portable Animal Shelters are great for many uses

It is important to note that these steel buildings are very light for their size making it necessary to anchor them to the ground.  Due to varying soil conditions, anchors are not included with all sizes, but we strongly recommend that they be secured to prevent movement.

We found the galvanized steel construction to be very durable and the heavy-duty corrugated steel reinforcements and angle irons frames to be robust.  These buildings shine in all weather conditions and are a great animal shelter as well as equipment hut.

For more information or questions, please contact the retailer.  They have a large selection of livestock supplies, hay feeders and even cattle guards.

They may be reached at (720) 238-2190 or at




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